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Dr.  Danna Andrus 

Pictured: (Left) Dr. Kendra Andrus (right) Dr. Danna Andrus

Dr. Danna Andrus graduated from McDonough No. 35 Senior High School in New Orleans, Louisiana. He served fourteen years between three branches of service which includes the Marine Corps., Army, and Air Force. His extensive military background provides an understanding of the importance of discipline and structure in the lives of all people.


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Dr. Andrus is described as a consummate motivational speaker, both locally and nationally. As a professional, he delivers uplifting and enriching messages to audiences of all ages, races, cultures, and religious denominations. He has an energetic approach in delivering soul-stirring storytelling, has proven effective in connecting with his audiences.

As a proud parent of 5 biological children, 2 stepchildren, and 1 grandchild, he and his wife celebrate living to the fullest. . He is overwhelmingly proud of his oldest daughter, Sha’Ellen (Sha) who was diagnosed 35 years ago with a severe genetic disability that has caused her extreme mental and physical limitations. Having raised “Sha” alone for most of her life, Dr. Andrus has learned from experience that the power of unconditional faith and a spirit of perseverance can be the difference between giving up when all hope appears to be lost and holding steadfast to a firm belief that despite appearances,” He meant it for my good.” As a dedicated father, Dr. Andrus understands the need for demonstrating appropriate parenting and role-modeling principles for children to enable them to see and ultimately to emulate what is right.

The literary side of the consummate Dr. Andrus is taking him to higher heights as a positive voice for change in this century. Dr. Andrus has written a book entitled “Man in the HOOD,” his prescription for the re-creation of the positive male image. The book gives a well-defined chronological explanation of what real manhood should be, how the many challenges in the male experience came to be, and what can be done systematically to recreate a stronger and more positive male image that can be a possibility for us all to celebrate!!

This is the condensed version of the life of Danna “Dr. TRUTH” Andrus. He is truly a multi-faceted man and he lives by affirming the following:

“If you lose money, you lose a lot. If you lose friends, you lose even more; but if you lose Hope, you have lost it ALL!

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