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Dr. Kendra Lynn's


 Welcome to HEALTH N.U.T.T. System headed by Dr. Kendra Andrus of New Orleans, Louisiana.

As the main herbalist for the company, Dr. Andrus creates plant-based alternatives to medical prescriptions in her lab. 

Through  Kendra Lynn's HEALTH N.U.T.T. System Laboratory, she sources plant-based, organic, natural, herbal remedies for the body and mind.


Along with her husband,  a mental health counselor, Dr. Danna Andrus offers services for the whole human experience.   


This web site is designed to assist prospective and existing clients with knowing our services and products that have been blended in our Health N.U.T.T. laboratory.

In addition to this, our clients can place orders and schedule consultations. 


       See  our full menu of services below. 

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Client Testimonial


Vanessa Pierre  Age: 59

"I was given a positive result of the coronavirus test. I had been dealing with upper respiratory for about 2 weeks that consisting of 3 separate Dr.’s visits. Although I didn’t have the severity that some people had, I was experiencing feelings that cause concern for me to go be evaluated.

My Pastor and First Lady - Apostle Terry and Lady Cassandra Gullage, introduced me to Dr. Kendra Andrus. Dr. Andrus immediately put together an all-natural herbal regimen that consisted of a 3 day liquid fast, respiratory regimen, and immune-enhancing. I followed Dr. Andrus’s instruction to the tee. The very next morning after starting the regimen I noticed how good I was feeling. And then the second day even better. I mean even though I did not show the typical coronavirus symptoms, What I did notice was a difference in the way I was feeling overall after starting the regimen. I tell you I truly believe that these were the angels that God placed around me for such a time as this.”

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