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Dr. Kendra Andrus - Regular Feature on AREA MAGAZINE Editorial Meeting on Zoom

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Go Behind The Scenes of Editorial Meetings with team and Dr. Kendra Andrus

This blog was taken from a previously taped discussion in October 2021, for AREA Magazine. The interviewer- Art Director/Managing Editor, Madera E. Rogers-Henry and Dr. Kendra Andrus, NAC,CH.

You may see the entire discussion on Black Pearl Market Place on YouTube.

Start at 30:00 on the video. Click to listen

Madera E. Rogers-Henry:

In New Orleans the BOO parade is scheduled for October 23rd, 2021, Mayor Cantrell has decided if we're going to have Mardi Gras carnival, the October 23rd event is the test. This will be New Orleans first since the pandemic. The reality is whether we admit it or not, Mardi Gras is not going to look the same moving forward now. And it's not going to look the same between now in the next three to five years because we are still this variant. Did you know there was over five different variants?

Dr. Kendra Andrus:

That appear so. One is happening every month.,

Madera E. Rogers-Henry:

There's more that five known variants- the alpha, the beta, that gamma..

Dr. Kendra:

Add zeta and Delta. Now that is in a year and eight months.


We haven't even made it to two years yet. How can people stay centered and healthy? What is it that they need to do?

Dr. Kendra's advice:

1) The first thing is find a balance between mind body and spirit. Finding a balance, spending time meditating spending time, if that's your thing you do reading your Bible reading motivational pieces, just freeing your mind and stay in focus.

2) Take care of your body. Get exercise. Walking a little bit, keep your body in motion.

3) And the last thing, but not the least thing. Eating right and or changing your eating habits.

If you can be healthy in terms of your food regimen, eat healthy. Eating healthy, exercising and staying focused spiritually. This keeps your stress level down. Which is very hard to do, right. Keeping your stress level down; you're stressed out causes your immune system to go out of whack. This is when diseases effects you and you become sick.

4) Start a simple regimen. Add vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium and

5) Don't take this lightly, wash your hands.

6) Drink water, and stay safe.

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