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THE RECYCLE CHALLENGE Honors Dr. Kendra Andrus As Queen Of Sunflowers

New Orleans, La.) On Earth Day, April 22nd, and 23rd, 2022 #THERECYCLECHALLENGE will host a KICK-OFF Press Conference at the historic St. Roch Market, located at 2831 St. Claude Avenue in the Marigny neighborhood. This event has been funded by a grant to Chic Nouvelle Model & Talent Management from Ya Heard Me Grant and TANDEM ED.

Other sponsors

Over two days informal the Press Conference will feature two queens in a walking parade, one of the queens will be introduced on Friday night is Queen Dr. Kendra Andrus of The Sunflower Dress sponsored by HEALTH N.U.T.T. System. And Saturday night, is Queen Mariah Casimier of Thee Paper Church Dress sponsored by Eating Clean with Rah.

For Queen Dr. Kendra Andrus - children drummers will be waiting for her arrival with her procession to include stilt walkers, and ten Rose Princesses being introduced into society. Ranging in ages of 4 to 10 year old girls wearing dresses adorned with paper roses accompanied by parents. All the paper crowns for Queen Dr. Kendra Andrus and the Rose Princess's have been handcrafted especially for this event from the Milliner's Association of Nigeria. Dr. Andrus will be wearing a sunflower themes paper outfit designed by recycle artist and founder of The Recycle Challenge, Madera E. Rogers Henry.

Know this recycle party is a fundraiser for a pilot test program Literacy Project International AKA Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication along with Canada's Ise Aanu. As a community outreach event, know that there's a physical event at St. Roch Market and a virtual on Zoom. This celebration bridges global partners as far as Nigeria, Germany, Colorado, New York to New Orleans. As a community, art bridges recycling, repurposing while reducing trash. The aim of The Recycle Challenge is to engage the human senses - feeding the heart, mind, and soul. It acknowledges the world of activism, sustainability, recycling, and art. The focus - how art can solve issues around the environment, social justice, and reducing trash pollution.

As a special incentive anyone who brings recycled glass bottles (water, wine, beer, and other glass items that can be recycled) will be admitted for "free". To attend this event or to see additional more about THE RECYCLE CHALLENGE -

Click here Queen Dr. Kendra Andrus even

Click here for events at St. Roch April 22-23, 2022, 5pm - 10pm or attend on Zoom.

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